Diamonds stand for eternal love and fidelity

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A meaningful gift for special occasions.

memory diamonds of loveThere are many moments in life in which people decide to express their love, trust, remembrance and appreciation for one another. You or your loved ones wouldn’t receive just any simple piece of jewelry for such an occasion but rather a diamond that contains its very own, unique composition, as well as a piece of your heart.

Our company provides you with high-quality, memory diamonds made from human hair or the ashes of those who have passed on. We apply the latest technologies ensuring you a wide range of options to design your very own personal style of diamonds. You or your loved ones will not just receive a piece of jewellery but an exclusive diamond with a unique code that carries the essence of a loved one. Our website provides you with a first impression of our products and an insight on the method of our manufacturing process.

There are many reasons to give yourself or a loved one a beautiful diamond as a gift:

Give someone their own, individual diamond for a special occasion.

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