Family Diamonds

Memory Family Diamonds

Family diamonds represent a beautiful, timeless connection to a loved one; individual and unique, it never loses its worth with time. A shared family diamond unites two souls into one heart, bringing those who are especially far away from each other closer than ever. This valuable and unique gift can be given to your children as a living piece of family history.

A brilliant symbolizes success, dependability, and stability. And combined with the power of your love, it will work as a guardian angel to look over your children. And what’s better than securing the safety of your family? Our family diamond will help you express this feeling beautifully.

A diamond is an everlasting piece of jewelry that represents a family’s worth, especially when that diamond is made from the hair of a family member. No piece of jewelry is more unique and individual.

How are family diamonds made?

Just a few grams of hair are needed to produce a family diamond. The hair is analyzed before it is burned and then turned into a diamond with the use of a special technique. A diamond made out of the hair of a family member allows for the family to immortalize itself. This makes the family diamond more special than any other piece of jewelry. The sentimental value attached to a diamond like this is unmatched, as it represents a piece of the family to be carried on and passed down for generations.

What’s more beautiful than bringing the whole family together in a sparkling piece of jewelry – a family diamond?

The family diamond is therefore the perfect gift for all family occasions, like weddings, births, and more. The family diamond is a special diamond and is much more precious than a gemstone. It’s a stone with personality, since only you can create it! So when are you going to surprise your family with this indispensable and timelessly valuable gift? With a family diamond!

Eternity is the root of love itself.

Annie Besant

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