Memorial Crystals

Memorial CrystalsWe create personalized and unique crystals out of human ash or hair using a very complex and precise new manufacturing procedure. For a crystal burial, the ash or hair is not processed into a diamond form, but rather in the form of a rhinestone or encased in a piece of jewelry. Each rhinestone is handmade in Germany.

Crystals symbolize love and connection. The shapes observable in its interior stand for eternity. With the crystal burial, we were able to enable a whole new way of bidding farewell to a loved one – modern, individual and peaceful. It’s relieving to feel that one can still be close to the deceased even after he or she has physically passed on.

Memorial crystals from €800 (weight of up to 500 gr.).

Manufacturing of a Galaxy Crystal

Galaxy Crystal„Galaxy Crystals“ we have named our newest creation of bright crystals. By adding specially treated “rare earths”, your crystal shines in the dark for up to 12 hours.

For a galaxy crystal we charge an additional 200, – €.

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